Evaluate Sound


This node returns the baked data—Ones that are baked using the sound bake node.



  • Type:
    • Average - Returns a float that represent the intensity of the sound—Those that are baked using the Bake button and not the Bake Equalizer Data.
    • Spectrum - Returns a list of floats that represent the intensity of the frequencies—Those that were baked using the Bake Spectrum button.


  • Sound - An input sound to evaluate.
  • Frame - The frame at which the sound is evaluated. (Only available when Use Current Frame is disabled.)


  • Volume - The intensity of the sound at the current frame. (Only available in Average option)
  • Volumes - A float list that contain the intensities of the Spectrum Data. (Only available in Spectrum option)

Advanced Node Settings

  • Use Current Frame - If enabled, the sound will be evaluated at the current frame, if not, the sound will be evaluate at the input frame.

Examples of Usage