Quaternion Wiggle


This node generates a random quaternion by generating a 1D perlin noise in all of its components. It is just like a Number Wiggle node in the quaternion’s components.



The inputs are just like Number Wiggle node except for the Amplitude.

  • Amplitude - A quaternion that controls the the amplitude of each component’s perlin noise.


  • Quaternion - The output quaternion of the noise functions at the variable Evolution.

Advanced Node Settings

  • N/A


The node has an extra seed (Node Seed) that can be used to differentiate between nodes with the same seed. e.g. when using multiple Quaternion Wiggle nodes in a loop while using the index as a seed, you can change the extra seed to get different results from the other nodes.

Animation Nodes automatically change the Node Seed when you duplicate or add a new Quaternion Wiggle node.

Examples of Usage