Spline Falloff


This node creates a vector based falloff that associates to every object a float that is equal to inverse the distance from it to some spline. This float is always in [0,1] range, So some distances will be clamped to 1 or 0. We conclude that objects that are closer to the spline will have a large float that doesn’t exceed 1 and as object gets away, their floats starts to fade till it becomes zero at some point.



  • Distance - This float is added to the float of every object which result in an offset for the distance.
  • Width - The distance between the ones and the zeroes, can be though of as the slop as well.
  • Interpolation - Floats are evaluated at this interpolation.


  • Falloff - The actual falloff object.

Advanced Node Settings

  • N/A

Examples of Usage