How to Install?

  1. Download the zip file at the official repository
  2. Open Blender (preferably the newest version)

  3. Go to the User Preferences in the Addon tab.

  4. Click Install from File and choose the zip file.

  5. Activate the add-on and you are done!

You can now find the Animation-Nodes editor in the node editor.


The addon sometimes depends on features that are in newer versions of Blender. So the first thing should be to update your Blender version.

Possible solutions to installation problems:
  • Enable Auto Run Python Scripts in the User Preferences > File tab.
  • AN depends on the module numpy that is distributed with official releases of Blender. If you build Blender yourself or use custom builds (e.g. from you have to make sure that they contain numpy. If not you have to get another Blender build or install numpy manually.